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Holly Rae Blandford 
217.787.1595 ext.129

Director of Student and Family Services

  • Guidance Counselor : A-J, T-Z
  • International Student Coordinator
    Duel Credit , College Planning

My name is Holly Rae Blandford and I am the Director of Student and Family services here at SHG. My role as your guidance counselor is to help you have the best four years at SHG! I assist students with academic planning each year, which includes developing a schedule that will meet your academic goals. 

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Stacy Kolaz 
217.787.1595 ext.155

Guidance Counselor

Licensed Counselor
FACTS Reports Systems
Transcript Requests

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Trina Stremsterfer 
217.787.1595 ext.127
Guidance Counselor : K-S

Sangamon CEO
P4 Pipeline

Kellee Phillips
217.787.1595 ext.125

Social Worker

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co-Coordinator
  • Head Volleyball Coach
  • Social Worker/Counselor

My name is Kellee Phillips and I am the school social worker and head volleyball coach here at SHG!  My role is to help students with their social and emotional needs.  I am here as extra support for all students.  I help students navigate difficult social situations, assist in helping students develop coping skills, provide a safe space for any and all students who are in need, and help students with managing their emotions.  My door is always open to any student who needs extra help or support!