Libby Kulek.jpeg

Libby K.

Hello! My name is Libby and I'm a senior. I am involved in many activities at SHG, including softball, musicals, choir, FCA, student council, student ambassadors, Cyclones for Life, NHS, and much more!

My favorite part about SHG is being able to grow in faith with my classmates in a Catholic environment. I also love that there are a variety of opportunities for leadership that prepare students for life after high school.

My advice to underclassmen is to just be kind to everyone. You never know what is going on in someone's life, and a simple smile could be the highlight of someone's day.

I am looking forward to my senior softball season and performing in All Shook Up this month!

Sophie Murphy.jpeg

Sophie M.

Hi, my name is Sophie, and I'm currently a junior here at SHG. I am a member of the SHG girls' swimming and diving team, as well as the girls' basketball team.

My favorite part about SHG is the sense of community and the opportunities it provides for personal growth. The teachers and staff are super supportive, and I've made some amazing friends here.

If I were to give some helpful advice to underclassmen, I would make the most of your time in high school. Your four years will go by quicker than you will think. Get involved in extracurricular activities, challenge yourself academically, and don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone.

I am looking forward to my future at SHG. I'm excited about the new challenges and opportunities that await me. I can't wait to continue growing as a student and leader.

I look forward to creating more incredible memories with my friends and classmates.

Hope Speiser.jpeg

Hope S.

Hi, my name is Hope and I’m a sophomore at Sacred Heart Griffin! For a little more information about myself, I’m in choir, key club, SHG swim and dive, and my local swim club, Capital Area Aqua Phoenix!

As you can probably tell, I love working with others! Whether that be planning Key Club events with my fellow students or cheering (as loud as possible) for my teammates, getting to help and collaborate with people makes my day so much more rewarding! Another thing I love about my school is how the information is taught. I learn something new every day and actually get to apply it to my own life; making retaining information easier and way more fun! Also, I love the supportive student body we have! Everyone is always there to cheer you on and support the school even if you don’t know each other.

Coming to a new school can be scary, but the best advice is to just be yourself. You’re going to enjoy life and school a lot more if you start doing things YOU love instead of what others love! It’ll also help you get involved more in things that you enjoy doing, like different clubs (which are always a good idea to join)!

Finally, one thing I’m looking forward to at SHG is learning more about the careers I want to do in my life and becoming more experienced in them.

That’s it see ya!

Ryan Broomfield.jpeg

Ryan B.

Hi, my name is Ryan and I am a freshman. I am a basketball and football player.

My favorite part about SHG is how the teachers treat you and how you can build new friendships with the students. Also knowing that my teachers are trying to help me improve every day.

My advice to incoming freshmen is to not procrastinate with your homework. That is one thing that I have done, but have improved on. I do my homework as soon as I can instead of waiting until the last minute to do it.

I’m looking forward to having a State championship in both football and basketball and also finding a college that fits me.